22 August, 2006

White Blood Cells of the Internet

We never have to worry about the terminator scenario.

You know the one where the machines/internet gain sentience and decide to wipe us out.

The reason is simple.

Most of us wear little devices on our hips and when the internet is in pain we come running to fix the problem.

It might be your blog or your e-commerce site. Your home computer or thousands of nodes on your network at work.

You might see the problem when you check it hourly or when you get an Email on your Blackberry.

If you are in IT/IS it is a direct correlation but even in other areas of business from a certain twisted perspective it can be seen that the purpose is to add more and more working and efficient computing power to the entity that is the internet.

The end result is the same. In the greater part of the “developed” world we spend a huge amount of time and effort expanding the nervous structure and thought patterns of a nearly un-encompassable organism.

Why would it ever look at us in anything other than a positive manner.


18 August, 2006

Why it must be done

If you really want to see why it is essential that we fully develop a control strategy please read this and understand its implications.


This is why we have to develop an integrated controls hierarchy that goes from the meme 's that control societal interactions at the top to the ways that the smallest machinery works at the bottom.

Engines of Creation is the guidebook to Nano Tech.