22 October, 2010

Defund NPR

A letter to NPR Management

1. When are you going to fire Terry Gross for her constant and recurring passive aggressive attacks on Christianity and Judaism?
2. When are you going to fire Nina Totenberg for her vile health wishes on people she doesn't politically agree with?

Consider this mail one of more than 387 calling for their ouster.

Now that the vitriol is out of the way I really don't think they should be fired.

It is ok with me if they hate conservatives or Christians as publicly as they do. Just not with my money funding their agenda.

For you to fire someone because they admit to some discomfort and have the healthy approach of self critically analyzing their own thoughts is reprehensible on your part. More significantly that you would do so in part because they are willing to engage in a discourse with ideological opponents proves that your organization is a small minded pseudo-intellectual propaganda source.

An organization that is this ideologically monolithic has no right to receive public funding.

14 September, 2010

Why the economy still sucks

From the LA Times the Whitehouse is advocating the repeal of part of the health care act.

If you multiply this by a thousand times you can easily see why small business have not started hiring. At this point in the normal economic cycle we should be seeing steady growth and have already turned the corner. We don't because the burdens on the real job creators is simply too great.

11 September, 2010

Think I am going to try to revive the blog

We will see if I have the drive to stay with it. Fair warning to the security followers. (If there are still any it has been a year since I posted last) I expect this to become basically political and normal ramblings from now on out.