20 December, 2007

Wicked Cool but can you Hack it?

200KW self regulating Mini Reactor with 40 year lifespan


I want to know if it is a true fission reactor or just a decay based one.

More here don't think it is the same thing though this one looks more like an RTG.

and Here

And here Homeland Security angle

This one talks about the 4S mentioned above

14 December, 2007

Not a Huff Fan - But write for free anyway

Found this via Instapundit (If you haven't noticed he is a daily read for me).

I am certainly not a Huff fan Pretty much the opposite (I am not a moron Huffington Pseudo Int zombie political hack) but it is hard to criticize the model. After all I write for Google via Blogger for pretty much free.

Almost all of us do.

Hell I don't even write for the hit count fix anymore.