29 October, 2007

TNR Beauchamp - NEI ?

I have been following the Beauchamp TNR storry for a while and while it disgusts me I haven't had much to say that many others are not already saying more effectively.

This morning I read this post at that I found via instapundit.

I was quite surprised to see the NEI as one of their advertisers.

I have cross linked with the NEI blog a number of times and am a regular reader of TNR online. Believe me when I say that it is unlikely that ardent readers of TNR are unlikely to support NEI's goals of increasing the acceptance of nuclear power. It seems their advertising budget would be better spent in less hostile venues.

Do I have a fundamental misunderstanding of either of the organizations? Or could this be a case of the Yankee picking algorithm planted adds and equating them with direct advertisement? An understandable mistake but still possibly a mistake. If so we might want to be judicious in approaching the advertisers or laying blame.

Was this in the paper publication or did it only appear on their site?

In any case I agree with the general need to press TNR to stop presenting lies targeting the military.

17 October, 2007

Gamer Super Computer

This is pretty cool

So here is the Crazy Idea

Cheap Game console

Three parts

Totally wireless (Including Power)

Controlled Main Console but VM's that are standard architecture so you can run Linux (or whatever other OS you want to buy from the "mother site"

Linkable so multiple consoles in the same vicinity or with IP access can share each others computing power.

More Later