20 April, 2007

On vacation till Monday

I should have mentioned it last Friday but I have been on vacation since last Friday and haven't touched the blog. I will start posting again on Monday th 23rd.


Ron Southworth said...

Hi Jim I thought your laptop had gone to god again and you had taken to it with some precussive devices!

Hope the vacation time is going well. You guys get such a small amount each year you have to treasure it. I have so much annual leave by comparison I end up working somewhere whilst on vacation!

You picked a quite time security news wise to have a vacation so your timing is good.

Jim C said...

Thanks Ron. I have negociated a fair package but it still probably falls 4 weeks short of yours.

Ron Soutworth said...

No Problems Jim hopefully your pay is a bit better than mine to compensate.

Is it still snowing (I hope so)