07 September, 2007

Gasp For Breath - Political Success or at least progress

I am still alive. I am not even going to try to say that I will regularly post but I do not plan on abandoning the blog. So what has been happening.

I discovered that some of my previous posts were telegraphing my intentions so I quieted down. It worked. Long story short I followed the advice I recommended in several of my earlier posts with high emphasis on keeping to the truth and more importantly the provable truth. I did my best to keep pretty much everybody out of the muck.

Security By Self Delusion 1 and

Security By Self Delusion 2

Transforming Negligence to Non Compliance - Hat tip to Steve

and the beginning of 12 steps

Will give you an Idea of what was going on.

Mike at Episteme was being polite in his description but we are emerging from the dark.

Many of us have cooperated and the result is that one team's existence has been saved and even enhanced. A new team has been created and pushed up in the organizational hierarchy and I have been lucky (OK I worked pretty hard for it) enough to get a Director position and a heavy role in designing the new organization.

Of course the down side of the good news is that I have been completely buried and unable (and when I had time unwilling) to blog.

In any case I am back at least in part and will try to put up something close to weekly. Perhaps I can describe how we made progress in an intractable environment.

By the way for the Nukes out there there have been some interesting comments on the Brussard post and the Tokamak one. Thanks for the feedback it is encouraging.

Till sometime in the next month

Jim C

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