12 December, 2007

"the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent".

Goes for dodging Security bullets as well.


AB3A said...

...And in the highly regulated markets of energy, water, and transportation, it could be irrational for a long, long time.

(Good to see you posting again!)

bothenook said...

i know that it's probably foolish and un-informed of me, but when the market is driven strictly by greed, with no regard for the consequences, our economy is held hostage by what are essentially schizo business practices. screw what is going to hurt the economy as a whole, did i make 32 cents?

Jim C said...

I don't think it is uninformed. Greespan said pretty much the same thing earlier. I guess my take is a weak hack of the Chruchill democracy quote.

It is the worse system except for all of the other ones.

Jim C said...

Sorry for the typo's

Ron Southworth said...

Here Here Jim Good to see you about I guess you now own the company? ;)

I must confess the market jitters have me jittery too.

Season greetings

Jim C said...

Hey Ron,

Wish I owned it. Things are going alright though.

Not sure what to think about the economy. Investors are buttoning down though and that doesn't bode well.