02 March, 2011

Waiting for the train

Been taking the train for the last two years since I took the job in Boston.

It is about a two and a half hour ride. Tak on the drive to the train station and waiting for the train and the total commute is about three to three and a half hours one way.

I have a love hate relationship with the train at this point. The price is right at $300 per month. When I choose to drive it is about $60 a day not counting wear and tear on the car. That is for gas tolls and parking only. It (the train) is mind numbing though and steals another three hours a day of my life. The drive is usually about 2 hours give or take 30 min. Most of that extra time comes out of my work time so it ends up being more of a job performance issue than a personal time issue. Either way not optimal.

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