27 March, 2007

DMCA Not so great after all

Good article

Best quote

The point of copyright is to support creativity, not Fortune 100 entertainment giants.


alex said...

Where you been, Jim?

Jim C said...

No good excuses Alex. I think it is a combination of things.

I fell out of the habit when I didn't have the laptop for three weeks. I picked up books instead and managed to make it through 5 decent ones.

My real job has gotten a lot more busy so I don't have any time at work to even check up on the other blogs.

and I am honestly starting to get a bit out of touch with the DCS crowd (which really bothers me) now that I am at an insurance company. This means I have less meaningfull things to say about my key topic.

I am also feeling like it is a bit of an echo chamber out there.

I haven't given it up I just am going to have to get back into it.

Oh yea I am living vicariously blog wise through my wife who is getting hundreds of hits a day compared to my scores.

Jakd Brodsky said...

Jim, I'm sure your wife is writing about much less esoteric things. Nevertheless, we're all watching, even if we're not always commenting.

CNI operator said...

Hey Jim,

Just to let you know that I haven't been listening :-)

Seriously, I've been busy too but I do read your stuff periodically and recommend it to others in the company.

Jim C said...


Ya didn't listen when I worked with you either.

(Just joking you were one of the few that did and would argue back about the right things)


Must be that Scottish independant streak.