20 March, 2007

PC Based Control - Huh?!?!

When the hell was this first written?

NT 4.0? "Deterministic, hard real-time operating system"? Huh? "The PLC is fundamentally a box or computer with a processor. "???

The article is dated March 2007 but if this is recent and a legit take then it shows exactly what we have to worry about, albeit unintentionally.

Don't get me wrong there is a place in many industries for properly developed "PC based" systems (whether Windows Linux or other OS) to directly control processes but I have to wonder if the author of this ever developed and implemented a truly complex integrated control environment.

Woefully uninformed and simplistic.

I have to assume this was written years ago and just dug up or perhaps relabeled. If so it shows how we got to where we are from a security perspective in the SCADA and DCS world. If not it shows very well how far we have to go.


Ron said...

It is a trade magazine after all. and it must be difficult to fill the pages at times. I am certain that you have seen links to old and revamped articles before. You notice there was no author to "blame" for the bit of prose but looking at the language

About three companies spring to mind as having penned the article. Maybe there will be further articles that may illuminate the marketing genius behind the old newws becomes new again.

Jake Brodsky said...

Ugh. I agree with you, this article is awful.

I sometimes wonder if the writers of lower tier trade rags actually think that people read them for the articles. Most of them are written so poorly that trying to set them straight is a waste of electrons.

Well, this is the flip side of the IT is awful mantra. Some folks doing control systems really should be looking for another line of work. Been there, dealt with it, my T-shirt is so old and worn, I threw it out...

M. Simon said...

I have done hard real time with DOS PCs.

You just turn off the system clock (18.6 Hz or some such) while you are running critical loops.

You turn off the output of one of the Counter Timers.

Then you turn it on for housekeeping and turn it off again.

Works fine.

I have no idea about NT.

Apple said...

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