21 October, 2006

Books - Some lighter Weekend Fare

Last years Reading list (well some of it anyway)

Non - Fiction


Thought provoking and good example on how to look at conventional wisdom. Light touch on being realistic about statistics.


Awesome baseball and awesome business book. Thought provoking on how to look at statistics and what really matters.

The Singularity is Near

If it is right it changes everything. Even if it is only close to right it means that automation security will become one the most significant issues there is. (yes I know that sounds outrageous. You will have to read it and think to understand what I mean by that). Brings "Engines of Creation" into an easier to digest format. (though definitely that should be a read as well. Perhaps I should dig it out again)

Army of Davids

A phenomenal take on the existing trends that already exist and have occurred in the last several years. Written by Instapundit one of my daily reads.

Corporate Confidential

Blunt and Honest a light approach to the "Prince" of our time.


The title say it all.

Fiction and more later

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