18 October, 2006

What can hurt us? Threats

Threat Types - What is a brief Taxonomy of threats? How can it be broken down.

Just some thoughts.

•Internal Undirected
•Internal Directed
•External Undirected
•External Directed

Threat Types - Internal Undirected
Single Point Mistakes
Cascading Mistakes
Systemic Failures
Equipment Failure

Threat Type - Internal Directed
Information Theft
Resource Redirection

Threat Type - External Undirected
Disasters Service Failure (power, building, metropolitan)
Info Security Events (Viruses, Worms, Spyware)
Government Events
Global IT issues (Mass Scans, Naming Attacks)

Threat Type - External Directed

How would you Break it down? What would you add to groupings and to the listings?


Alex said...

Excellent post!

I usually use Internal/External and then instead of directed I use "technical (T) /non-technical (NT)".

Both T and NT can then be human/non-human. Then I classify potential types of contact as potentially, "random, intentional, or regular" - which may be similar to directed/non-directed.

As an example an "external technical human" threat that has a significant threat capability (a rating in a population distribution that considers skills and resources) we can account for the probability of either intentional or random contact.

Jim C said...

Thanks and I agree. There are several different ways to break up the vectors to the Impact. The more quanta we have to assess the more points that can be checked to see if that is the right empirical path. Different patterns fit in different senerios. I usually try to use context do define how I am looking at it.