07 February, 2007

Guardian talks Truther - 9-11 Conspiracy

Sanity from the far left?

Should be interesting to see if the immune system rejects him and if so how the rejection occurs.


First attempted rejection here. Looks like it got buried but not by Monboit's ideological peers. Sadly I participated in a way that is usually beneath me. Digg comments can bring that out of one.

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Ron Southworth said...

The Truith of it all is that the attacks happened and a lot of innocent people either died as a direct result or trying to save people in the aftermath. As to what has been covered up and what has not is really a mute point and as the reporter rightly stated eventually any thing that is covered up will rise to the surface.

The net result is that we have to maintain balance with our freedom and quality of life and to be more prepaired for when a motivated group or even a major natural disaster looms large. We have to tackle these challanges and take timely, apropriate and measured actions in response and move forward. We owe it to those that suffer or have ever suffered because of these events to continue on and not to live in fear. Whilst we are doing this the threat of chanage has no sting in it's tail.