10 February, 2007

A solution to the CO2 Imbalance - Global Warming

Instapundit Linked to the Gore Branson challenge

I also think it is a great idea. Of coursre there is already at least one solution that has met the goals.

all we have to do is more of it.

Nuclear Power via Nei blog

of course more options is always better how about my biofuel crazy idea


kuatum@yahoo.com said...

One Idea:
Place filters on auto radiators, not to limit air but to capture Co2. or Sleaves on bumpers that air passes over. An adhisive that Co2 will adhere to as the wind passes over it. Can be placeed on outside walls of houses or buildings. Will clean the air.
An incentive would be a bonus for sending back the filters after a months use. for recycling and a percentage off next purchase.
If I had the money I would be doing my best to put this idea on the market and lobby to make it a requirement for all auto,planes, ships, trains etc. Thanks for this chance to atleast suggest this.

kuatum@yahoo.com said...

Co2 capture filters on all airconditioners.
Make it a requirement that manufactures of airconditioners to put Co2 capture filters on all the airconditioners.
Not to prevent air flow but to allow all air to pass over a surface of the filter to remove all Co2

Jim C said...

Two good ideas,

I think the challenge was focused on solutions that reduce or eliminate future productions but sequestering CO2 is certainly an option.

The first question I would have regarding your possibilities is:

What would the filter/scrubber be made of and what would it take to make it?

Amine is the most effecient scrubbing chemical I can think of and it releases the carbon relitivly easily so is not a viable long term solution.

What would you suggest and how would you go about distributing and manufacturing it. How about long term storage?

seasick seagull said...

Hey did you know that plants depend on CO2 to survive? hey if we did,nt have the internal combustion engine many plants could,nt live SAVE A TREE DRIVE YOUR SUV