12 February, 2007

Ray - Singularity

"With computers in everything from clothing to eyeglasses, software security becomes the quintessential issue," he said.

I am not sure the writer of this Article has read any, Kurzweil or Drexler.

He clearly doesn't grasp the potentials or some of the evidence that is currently staring us in the face.

There really isn't any doubt that Information processing technology is expanding at an exponential pace and feeding on itself. Even in biology (which the author gives short shift) it is obvious that the ability to asses and increasingly adjust biological information is changing at an incredible pace.

The real question is where are the speed bumps and are any of them significant enough to plateau things for a while?

The real key to all of this is that whoever controls the keys within the singularity controls where it goes and how it interacts with others. Security is central to that discussion.

I would have liked to see the speech.

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