17 November, 2006

DCS Facts that we have to deal with

Last week I did a series on 5 Myths of Process Control Security.

This is a follow on series to that one. There are a number of facts we have to deal with in the SCADA security world and these are 5 of them. Most of these look bad on the surface but there are some underlying advantages that might not be apparent so:

Pandora's box is open or the genie is out of the bottle your choice

1. Automation control systems are expanding exponentially in complexity, numbers, interconnectivity, and capability.

2. Deperimeterization is happening with DCS whether we like it or not.

3. Standardization with existing IT vendors is happening to SCADA systems and is subjecting new areas (Control systems) to old threats (Hackers and worms). This results in the creation significant risks to safety, environment and business.

4. The bad guys are now realizing that there is something here but so are the good guys.

5. Bad things have already happened and more will.

Part 2

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