04 November, 2006


This looks interesting.

Does anyone know more?

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Ron Southworth said...

Hi Jim (hope it is ok yo call you Jim) I cannot shed any further light on any more details for you but this has shades of military thinking (read with blinkers on) and I have seen situations where people don't agree or decide to collude together with a two key system or three key system.

Ethics is a big problem with modern human society and a key system won't fix the problem!

Unfortunately speaking from personal first hand experience the trusted insider does not always work alone. Quite often there is more than one person involved!

I think the key is to stick with the defence in depth approach to mitigating risks as part of a Total Business Continuity Stratagy. This has to look at proceedures as the cornerstone of a system's operation. Good training, Selecting dedicated and trustworthy people with vigilance and constant performance monitoring and auditing are good tools to reduce the risk of trusted insider related incidents.

This Key2 system has shades of a teen movie "War Games" silo launch sequence. Is this a April 1 joke ???

Possibly not. Knowing the level of parinoia that exists in the USA.

Thanks for your contributions to date I have enjoyed reading them and keep it up.