13 November, 2006



A sea Story

I have recently stumbled on some Submarine blogs. I guess being 15 or more years away from subs I didn't even think of them writing them.

Of course submariners being who they are I should have expected it as well as the quality.

The culture shines through.

One thing I don't get though.

Are todays A-Gangers really this wussified?

:) You would think they are ET's or ST's or something. (or heaven forbid Nukes like I was)

Now guys if you read this please don't tape me outside of the condensers (a fate I managed to dodge but other Nuke ET's spoke their way into).


Thanks for the launch Bubblehead has basically doubled my normal traffic today.


If you want a better idea of what this site is about go to the main page or

to this synopsis.


Bubblehead said...

Hey Jim, we'd love to hear some of your submarine stories. We can always use another Nuke in the sub-blogosphere!

Jim C said...

I'll Give it a try but I am a bit rusty on the sea stories.

Jim C said...

no sh--


Anonymous said...

As a long time former sonar supervisor I can confirm that ST's have worked hard to be called 'wussified.' More than once in a high contact area I had an operator complain to me that his 'finger hurt' from tracking so many contacts. The whiner was usually fed to the next a-ganger that wandered into the shack.

Jim C said...

Sorry about the No Sh-- comment just trying to get a sea story mood going.

Got it now


A bit crass but fairly realistic Mid watch conversation.