10 November, 2006

Sigh - Wireless SCADA

More Wireless Stuff



I dealt with "nanosensors" (and the quotes are needed) some in my last job. While small in terms of hardware, they are still in the several pounds range. So they are anything but nano. The ones described in the Slashdot article are smaller but still in development and there are limits to how small a wireless transmitter can be and still be effective at long ranges. (though admittedly the limit is pretty small).

At least in the "nano" sensor story they are only RTU's.

Like I have said earlier

SCADA DCS PCN's ACS whatever you want to call them are essentially at the same point that IT was at in '99 or early 2000.

People know there are problems (and even how to fix them). They are trying to tell people there are problems. Some people say they are fixing them (and a few, very few actually are) but most are marching ahead looking at the pretty pretty baubles.

The wireless fascination has me particularly worried. Some of these systems can be connected to 60 miles away. I realize that many of the technologies being used can be very secure (much more secure than 802.11 can ever be even when properly configured) but the default and improper setup problem will still exist. I don't think that is acceptable for something that is controlling gas and oil pipelines or water and sewage facilities.

It is the same as the euphoria that hit IT in the late '90s

Look what I can do...

We're going to get rich...

Don't worry that will never happen...

Don't point it out it will just make the problem worse...


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