06 November, 2006

Security Based PCN Marketing

Garrettcom used security as the first point in a recent release.

This is great I only have one problem with it. There is only one line in the actual article about security and it is an anemic one. There is no description of what exactly is unique and improves security. What kind of management related security improvements are there? Do they think snmp management is an improvement or is there something better going on? I don't know because there are no details or even url's to go to.

Don't get me wrong. There is a lot of good items in this release and from an availability and reliability standpoint it looks good but if your first sentence makes a nod to the request by the industry for more security then please provide more details.

The vendors are where the solutions are going to come from and they are the key.

This reinforces my take that security is becoming a key differentiator.

Now lets see some substance and if it is there lets see the whitepapers and data to back it up.

Thanks for the Link Mike

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