12 December, 2006

Byres Security Mentioned at Digitalbond

Good post at Digitalbond on risk work and Mean time to compromise work that ByresSecurity has been doing.

Also I am pulling this up out of my comments section

"Jim, I would go further.. Eric is a truly genuine modest gentleman. He has the interests of the community at heart. Looking at the team he has assembled in his venture I am certain that his organisation will enjoy a great deal of success and the community will enjoy the benefits from his organisation's continuing research. The knowledge he share is helping to bridge the gap of Insufficient Training and awareness that exists in the industry. I wish every success to him with his appliance development project and eagerly await it's release into the market. Ron Southworth"

It is unusual for this many competitors, co-workers and customers to unify on a message but when it is the right one it makes sense.

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