11 December, 2006

Byres Security - Site Up

Eric has the http://www.byressecurity.com/ site up and running full throttle now. There are a few pages that still need to be populated but if I know Eric he is focusing more on delivering to his current customers than marketing pushes.

His completed projects page will give you a good idea of what he has been up to.

The SCADA Information Security Community is a growing and I see more names entering it every day. I see many claiming they have been "doing SCADA security for a decade" (often more). Everyone claims to be a wizened sage or industry leader. It might be true for some of them but in reality the Ethernet and IP connectivity that has so greatly increased the operability and also risk of these systems has not been around for very long. I would view these claims with some scepticism.

Eric is one of the people that have been involved in it from the beginning. (demonstrably so, look at his papers) He has been involved in multiple industries not just one narrow clique and has actively provided working solutions.

This is obviously a blatant plug but it is one that I am proud to make and not being paid for. One that any company that is looking into fixing SCADA Security issues should pay attention to.

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Anonymous said...


I would go further..

Eric is a truely genuine modest gentleman. He has the interests of the community at heart.

Looking at the team he has assembled in his venture I am certain that his organisation will enjoy a great deal of success and the community will enjoy the benefits from his organisation's continuing research. The knowlege he share is helping to bridge the gap of Insufficient Training and awareness that exists in the industry.

I wish every success to him with his appliance development project and eagerly await it's release into the market.

Ron Southworth