12 December, 2006

Put the big gun in the back

So I am watching Aliens with my oldest son the other day and it gets to the scene when they are walking into the facility. The people with the huge machine guns are leading the way in.

My son pipes in "that's stupid"

me "huh"

him "That's stupid. The guys with the big guns should never go first they'll get killed. Send the short rifles in first. Big guns stay in the back and cover. Everyone who's ever played Ghost Recon or paintball knows that."

He is thirteen.

When you combine that with one of Maine's favorite pass times - Potato Guns

and things like this

and I'm not sure if I should be scared or proud.

I guess I'll stick with proud.

and no this isn't some silly security analogy. It has nothing to do with SCADA security.

... or does it ???

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