06 December, 2006

Cheapskate Customers

Nice Scobleizer post on whether cheapskates make good first customers.

This reminded me of a conversation with Scott Blake one of my former CISO's.

He proved to me that even though I saved a couple of bucks a week in gas on my daily hour in each direction by driving 10 mph slower it wasn't worth it in lost time and productivity. Overall it was better for the environment for me to be more efficient.

I am a hybrid driving eco hippie but I still follow his advice.

(I suppose if I was a real hippie I would ride my bike to work or for that matter wouldn't live so far but I am not that crazy and no one can find a decent paying job in Maine right now)

Perhaps I'll do the veggie-diesel thing. Or This

A friend of mine at work drives one and it seems to work fine for him. Saves him a bit on fuel.

And yes I have worked for a paper company, oil company, and run a nuclear reactor and still consider myself eco-friendly. I've done more to improve the environment than ten dumpster diving brainwashed bozo's.

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