12 December, 2006

Nessus - SCADA Plugins

Tenable just plugged their SCADA plugins that DigitalBond helped develop.

Your systems will eventually be scanned. If you do it yourself and start with Passive scanning then move with proper MOC to active scanning and remediation you will be ready for the ones you don't control, plan or know about.

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Ron Southworth said...

Tennable were supposed to present a web seminar 2am this morning (My time) -11am CST but they unfortunately cancelled 4 minutes passed the start time.

I hope it was not due to lack of interest

Did you sign up for it Jim ???

I was really looking forward to seeing the fruit of their work so to speak plus any tips or tricks that fall out of the tree along the way!

Hopefully they will reschedule the presentation

System certification and assessment is a tricky buisness especially with legacy systems and tools such as Nessus can help with certification. I am presnetly in the early design phase for our new system here and the level of "infomation mining" requirements for the new system are going to change the surface of the system exposed to the corporate domain and beyond as a result. The key to success is going to be in using these sort's of tools.

Ron Southworth