09 December, 2006

RIAA Class Action

This isn't the class action I was thinking about here.


Especially since he just started this and settled with the RIAA.

I wonder if this is being manipulated behind the curtain.


Ray Beckerman said...

What are you talking about? The Lewan v. Sharman case hasn't been settled, it was just started.

Jim C said...

Kazza has already settled at least one major suit though you are right in pointing out that they didn't settle Lewan Vs Sharman. The point of my post was that their legal difficulties continue.

It isn't a shame from the point of view that IP was detrimentally impacted by Kazza.

It is a shame from the point of view that the record companies and other old school information businesses still only "get it" from the point of view that they feel threatened. They can do very well in the current environment if they only listen to their customers. Better than they ever did under the old model.