06 December, 2006

Mike is worried about the Terminator

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He quotes Hawking's virus statement.

There is already another form of life we have created and it isn't that bad. It consumes resources, reacts to stimuli, replicates, it facilitates maintenance of its environment, its organized, it even forms symbiotic relationships... with us.

With SCADA it is even has direct effect. With items like Google it might even be developing some basic self awareness.

It is about as smart as a mouse now but getting smarter.

I don't see why it would turn on its white blood cells.

I would love it if someone could get this post to Stephen. If everyone spreads the link perhaps he will. It would be interesting to hear what he thinks.

A bit of outside the box but fun thinking.

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Assorted Video said...

Terminator is something to be worried about!