04 January, 2007

Amrit Rant Reply

Amrit is irritated with Blogads

Can't say I blame him. I do have the Google adware links on my top and right.

In answer to his question about what they make. My significantly sub 10K page gets almost no income from the ads. I am just hoping that I can get enough to pay for the site (actually the statcounter).

I think I have made about 5 bucks in the last two months.

I don't do some of the fancy stuff I have seen. If it is in a post of mine there is no ad revenue. I have seen some others link to Amazon items with referral codes.

I have also been a bit surprised at what Google has chosen to advertise on my site. Most of the time it is topical but a few of the ads (especially after my happily married comment last week) have been ... lets just say surprising.

I agree with the need to keep it low key though. Not that I would follow the dancing cowboy anyway.

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