18 January, 2007

This is Singularly Significant

If they are successful this will change everything.

This would make Control and Security of ACS far, far more important than it currently is.

I am not exaggerating. If it is successful everything changes over the next 15 years.

Anyone who has read my earlier posts will know that I am an on again off again enthusiast then skeptic for most Singularity type topics.

I usually try to be more realistic.

For those who are not into this topic the "Singularity" (Tech as opposed to astronomical or physics) could probably be summed up by what happens when the exponential trends of Moores Law merge with Nano engineering and biotechnology.

The basic concept is that as these exponential trends continue they will reach a point were the expansion and changes occur so quickly that they are beyond the means of the human mind to comprehend them.

I don't know whether current trends will continue uninterrupted or will instead plateau but even if they only continue for a short time there are some very significant changes in the works.

In the realm of info security this could be very important. If microscopic automated machines (bionanomachines might be a better term) run on software and use soon to be discovered communication mechanisms then control system viruses and hackers take on a new significance.

The meme structures, governance, and controls that are used will have to be hybrid solutions just like the systems to be protected. Just like a hybrid approach is necessary to tackling the difficulties emerging in the automated control would as it further integrates with the Internet technological generation, these control systems will have to include information security andControl system like safety and security. They (and we) will also have to adopt biological controls like immunology and other controls to ensure not only their operablility but also their safety.

I know this is a flight of fancy for most of the people reading this but the reality is that even if only a small fraction of what is being (realistically) predicted comes true there will be phenomenal changes to the human race. Changes that are just as (if not more) significant than the changes that the technological revolution of the last century but they will happen over then next 10 to 20 years.

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