02 January, 2007

Lesson in Market Size

I got a pretty good object lesson in market size over the Holiday. My wife started her blog just a about a week and 2 days ago. The blog is basically a crafting and family stuff. She already has several hundred hits (close to a thousand) and daily gets about three times as many hits as I do. I am sure that part of this is because I have been slacking the last few weeks, some of it is undoubtedly because she is a better writer than I and has interesting pictures of the family, crafts and house but much of it is probably due to market size.

Our little bloging community generally sticks to IT security. If you figure that IT is about 1/10th of the Internet community as a whole and security about 1% of that then the market is pretty small. The number of individuals interested in crafts is probably quite a bit larger.

I have quite a few posts cached so I will be picking up the slack over the next few days.

In the mean time Mike asks what would a deal breaker be for you?

In my case three things. (and each of these has caused me to leave jobs before in the past)

1. Anything I think would be detrimental to my family.

2. Anything that would require me to lie or impact my integrity. (including legal items)

3. Lack of engagement.

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