15 January, 2007

Snow Rage

You would think that no one has driven in snow here before. Hello Maine Winter it is going to snow.

First of all slow down!!!

I got cut off this morning twice by morons driving 80 +. I did get the smug satisfaction of seening one of them about 15 feet into the woods with a cop standing by (clearly not hurt) about 15 min later.

On the other hand if you have to slow down to 15 MPH on the freeway perhaps you should have stayed at home.

If there is a blinking sign every 5 miles saying 45 MPH perhaps it is good to stay within 10MPH of 45? huh?



CNI operator said...

Just had the first snow in central Scotland for several years.
I rediscovered that my BMW is not at its best in the snow. A combination of low weight (its a convertible) 50/50 weight distribution front/rear, rear wheel only drive and low profile tyres made for an interesting commute.
So I'm one of the 15mph guys :-(

Jim C said...

Hey you have a Beemer. Must be those Oil industry bonuses.

15MPH is ok as long as you are not on the freeway. Otherwise...