23 January, 2007

Lame Excuses and pseudo Name Dropping

I apologize for the really poor blogging so far this week.

One lame excuse and one good one but only from my perspective.

The lame excuse is that I had little or no time this weekend to stage any posts so the entire week is likely to be sparse.

The good one (from my perspective anyway) is that I was lucky enough last night to have dinner with two luminaries of the information security world. Although I am into name dropping when it is appropriate in this case I will hold back (well a bit).

If you get the chance to have dinner with the CISO of one of the largest companies in the world and one of the founding members of several security firms that either grew on their own to be first rate or successfully got purchased at a good profit for all involved, you don't turn it down.

That goes double if they choose to pick up the bill.

Boston Clam Chowder, Mussels and Scallops, Wrap it up with Creme Brule.

I passed on the Wine because I had a snow filled drive back home.

Conversation ranged from Hitchhikers Guide to the reproductive idiosyncrasies of bees all in one unworldly way linking back to info security.

Geeky but fun.

With the rush I didn't even realize that I somehow double posted yesterdays link to Alan. I'll try to pick it up a bit over the next few days and should have the layer - 3 networking post done either tomorrow or Thursday.

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