04 January, 2007

I don't really mean to bash MS - Update your browsers

They are just such a large target it is hard to miss.

IE unsafe for 284 days of last year.

Perhaps that mitigates what I started writing this post on.

What I really wanted to mention was a combination of mild whine about my wife's blog getting hundreds of more daily hits than mine and for some reason her readers have more up to date and secure browsers than the ones reading mine.

Ain't statcounter great?

For IE her readers are 5 times as likely to be up to date.

For Firefox they are 3 times as likely.

Netscape, Safari, and Opera the numbers are too small to matter.

I really wander if this is a difference between home machines and work machines or some other demographic artifact.

Update your browsers people. (or if it is more appropiate tell you desktop group to get up to date)

What are your ideas as to the reason.

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