11 January, 2007

Life Blogging - Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

I don't usually get into life blogging but this is one of the most compelling blogs I have read in a while. To be honest it is really combo blogging. There are life elements but also religion, politics, legal and other items. I suppose it is a life blog because it is mostly written as a personal journal. He seemed to be able to really draw me into his life and though I disagreed with some of his takes I have no way to argue the path he took to get to them.

In any case don't read it if you dislike conversations that change the spin of political and religious expectations.

He was born in Pakistan, lived in Saudi Arabia, and has gone to school in both the US and Canada.

I get a fair amount of readers from both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, If you do choose to read his blog and disagree with it feel free to point out any discrepancies in the comments area and explain where or why you feel he is wrong.

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