26 January, 2007

More on Litvinenko Assassination

Very in depth post at strata-sphere

I can't vouch for the time lines. He/they must be spending a lot of time on this to get that much detail.

As for the facts on the polonium He is mostly right.

Even if it is in a salt based aqueous solution though there would be migration into cracks in the tea cup. After that it could stay for quite some time and through many washings. That doesn't mean that his conclusions are wrong it just means that direct metal to cup contact isn't the only way that high of a level of contamination could be obtained and maintained over time. If there are burn marks in the cup it would enforce his hypothesis. It would be interesting to see pictures.

I think it is definitely a possibility that this was a smuggling attempt as I indicated here, here and here.

But it isn't as clear cut as might be indicated in his post.

This whole thing is starting to take on a conspiracy theory feel to me so I am going to drop it after this post.

What I will end with is:
  • It is definitely possible that this was a smuggling operation gone bad.
  • It is also possible that it is a botched assassination or an assassination that sent a message.
  • It required a Nation State level actor but not necessarily the knowledge of that Nation State.
  • Most of the stuff I have been seeing presented as Science (both in the MSM and in many blogs) is at best inaccurate and often intentionally sensational.
  • It was an interesting if sad and scary topic

Have fun with the Warren report boys. Hopefully some good sleuths are tracking down the real facts because some of the possibilities could be really bad.

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