03 January, 2007

Global Warming

Aggregation post.

No judgments just a bunch of links.

Forest Fires Reversal

Breathing Earth

Typical UN Effectiveness

A letter to Exxon

The Cow

I found this when reading Volokh.

an Exerpt

"Here's what I like about Ebenezer Scrooge: His meager lodgings were dark because darkness is cheap, and barely heated because coal is not free. His dinner was gruel, which he prepared himself. Scrooge paid no man to wait on him.
Scrooge has been called ungenerous. I say that's a bum rap. What could be more generous than keeping your lamps unlit and your plate unfilled, leaving more fuel for others to burn and more food for others to eat? Who is a more benevolent neighbor than the man who employs no servants, freeing them to wait on someone else?
Oh, it might be slightly more complicated than that. Maybe when Scrooge demands less coal for his fire, less coal ends up being mined. But that's fine, too. Instead of digging coal for Scrooge, some would-be miner is now free to perform some other service for himself or someone else."

and best of all

"In this whole world, there is nobody more generous than the miser—the man who could deplete the world's resources but chooses not to. The only difference between miserliness and philanthropy is that the philanthropist serves a favored few while the miser spreads his largess far and wide."

On the other hand there was that whole Tiny Tim thing. Not so great there. Pretty good description of the whole problem isn't it.

Was Scrooge the first real environmentalist?

Orbital Influences

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