31 January, 2007

Protocol Converters

I have to confess I get somewhat disturbed when I think of someone who cannot understand a car battery working on SCADA and power production sub-systems but protocol converters are going to have a place in the arena. His post (hell the entire blog) is a transparent plug for his company (not that that is new [except here of course where I religiously avoid companies I do or have worked for]) but that is alright. My message to you guys.

Show Me the SECURITY!!!

Could be there I just want to see it.

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Anonymous said...

I think you missed the point of the ProSoft blog. It's a corporate blog. That means it's a total plug for the company. :) And yes, I'm no expert. I'm no engineer. I understand some of the theory. But it's not my job to get my hands dirty, just to get conversations going. You should have posted your thoughts on our blog. I wouldn't have minded the criticism. And our on staff experts could answer your questions...